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Park home re-paneling

Park home re-paneling, consists of 5 basic steps:
• Firstly we remove all the rotten or damaged exterior plywood panels.
• We then inspect the existing timber framework of the home and if necessary repair any damaged timber work.
• Then we re-insulate with Celotex.
• We then re-clad the exterior of the home with a pre-primed exterior grade plywood.
• We then seal all joins and re-texture using a thermoplastic textured coating especially developed for Park Home use. The flexibility of the resin and its resistance to abrasion provided by the mineral aggregates added to the coating ensures a long lasting protective coating which will stand up to extremes of weather.
With low emissivity foil facings, Celotex is manufactured from rigid Polyisocyanurate (PIR) using a blend of blowing agents that have zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP).
Some benefits include:
• Offering the thinnest solution available and out performing old fashioned fiberglass insulation by up to 400%.
• Provides reliable long-term energy savings for Park Homes, reducing fuel bills considerably.

As part of the re-paneling of your home we can also replace any old or damaged skirting that surrounds your home and replace with “skirtfast” or UPVc skirting, the combination of this and the re-texturing really will totally transform your home to look like new!
We can also do new fashia, soffits and guttering to really enhance the look of your home!

Not only that, for those who are looking to save water we can even supply and fit new water butts.

Resitex are specialist manufacturers of finishes and primers that are:
• Permeable
• Weatherproof
• Flexible
• Thermoplastic textured or smooth
The finished products result in an extremely protective, flexible and decorative surface coating.
The flexibility of these products are ideally suited for application to both timber framed structures and masonry surfaces. Examples include Park Homes, portable buildings, timber sheds, fences and bricks.
We can provide not only loft insulation but also floor and walls too, helping to cut down on your heating costs.
PPM can also help with improving the accessibility in to your property.