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Park Home Roofing

At Paragon we we are experts at Park Home Roofing, we construct our roofs using the lightweight Metrotile roofing system, fully insulated, and with Fascias, Soffits, Gables and Guttering installed to suit your individual needs. Our installers will consult with you during a site visit to ensure you receive the appropriate advice and are fully aware of every stage of the installation.

At Paragon we provide two roofing services:

In the first instance we will update your homes existing “flat” roof by creating a new “pitched” roof which is then tiled using the Metrotile lightweight roofing system, thereby creating a complete new roof more in-line with modern Park Home roofing design. We start by intalling tanalised timber roof trusses supported on centreboards, we then lay fibreglass “quilt” insulation over the existing roof which in turn doubles the insulated area of your homes roof, saving you money on heating bills.

The trusses are then overlayed with a modern breathable roofing felt and battened ready for tiling using 38mm x 25mm tenalised timber roofing battens. We then re-tile using the Metrotile lightweight roofing system.

Felt/Batten Roof

If the timber structure of your homes roof is sound but the tiles are at the end of their life, we offer a Felt/Batten re-tiling service, whereby we replace the top protective layers of the roof whilst leaving the existing timber roof structure in place. We will replace the old felt underneath the tiles with a more modern, efficient, breathable roofing felt and then re-batten the whole roof with a 38mm x 25mm tanalised timber roofing batten.

We then re-tile using the Metrotile lightweight roofing system, including new ridge-cappings and barge flashings. As the tiles will be installed by our Metrotile approved installation team, Metrotile offer a 40 year guarantee.

The option is there at this point if required to double up the insulation on the roof with a fibreglass roofing quilt, thereby increasing the overall insulation and saving you money on energy bills and at the same time helping the environment!

It is also worth considering replacing the old timber Fascias/Soffits and Gutterboards with a new “low maintenance” UPVc equivalent, available in a variety of colours. Also this is a good time to think about replacing existing old, damaged and brittle guttering and downpipes.

Paragon Property Maintenance Ltd are happy to work alongside insurance/grant companies and are able to provide any technical specifications needed during all stages of any works carried out in these circumstances.

A PPM roof refurbishment will totally transform the look of your home, and guarantee to keep it warmer and drier for years to come! We are able to offer different coloured tiles giving your home a unique feel.